Where to go for holidays in France?

Of course, answering this question depends on who you are and what you want.

Are you a family, with children, looking for nice things to do with them?
Or a couple without children, looking for romance, rest and relaxation?

Or a bunch of friends, looking for fun, games and sports?
Or you like hikes, and travel in mountains or around the country?

Or you are a student, looking for history, culture and education?
Or you want to taste really special foods and wines?

Or you want to visit museums and monuments, castles, fortresses, or medieval sites…
Or you like theater and entertainment?

Or you want to be swimming and browning on beaches,
and have fun in bars or clubs at night,

Or maybe a business, looking for a nice place to meet with people from your company or your customers?

Or you are looking to ski in winter….or maybe even in summer?

Probably you are looking for a combination of some of these….

Then of course, it also depends on when you want to come to France,

In summer or winter,
in autumn or spring,
It will not be the same scenario,

it is endless…. you could profit from some guidance….

This is article is to be continued.
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