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My name is Sebastien, call me Seb. I am born in France, near Saint-Etienne, close to where ‘La Loire’ sprouts.  January 1971, a French father and a Dutch mother. They married one year before and divorced one year after. Cultural misunderstandings accelerated this social break-down. 

I grew up with my mother in Holland, never far from Amsterdam.  As a child, I would go to my father in France during the school holidays. Thus I grew up in between two almost incompatible cultures.

Empty and lost as a young adult, at 24, I stopped my classical piano studies at the Utrecht Conservatory and left for France, hoping to find a better life in my birth country.  I’ve always travelled a lot, before and after my departure from Holland, but once living in France, an interesting social and cultural discovery began.

Through my Dutch education, I am closer to the Anglo-American make-up than the French one. I’ve lived in over 30 towns, in different countries: Holland, Germany, Belgium, England, and Spain, spent some time in the US. I understand these cultures quite naturally. But when arriving in France, I struggled for many years to come to understand the general behaviour. Even after 25 years, I haven’t fathomed integration into the French lifestyle.  Their character is different and ungraspable for most of the non-French people. Socially, mentally, but even physically. It took a lot of time for me to adapt to the French culture, climate, seasons & fauna. 

Although I have always found French people very welcoming, generous and hospitable, in some core layers of social connections, a mystery remains. It seems to be only reserved for some authentic French. Though I’ve always been accepted and appreciated, I am still a stranger. 

My struggle and fascination caused a long term study of this amazing land and culture, and today I highly recommend and appreciate it. But with rulers!
My desire is to share with you what I felt, think and learned, over 25 years of experience.

How the site works

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I have a love for artistic expression and creativeness. I am not a program-driven touristic information database. You won’t get a list of 24,000 results on a search. In France, there is simply too much to do and to discover, to put everything into one website and give it proper attention. 
I will try to do things the French way, on the feel of it, with a sense of balance and harmony. 
I will make selections, and write about places and events I suppose worthy to be spoken of. Parallel to that, you will have the opportunity to look for nearby villas to rent, if you are interested.

There are 3 Sections



Looking at villas, one by one, going through pictures and descriptions.



Looking at places, to discover.
I present regions and cities.
This also includes an agenda of important events



Or you may want to look through a list of touristic activities to stimulate ideas for your stay.

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