Dune of Pyla (Dune du Pilat)

Dune of Pyla ( Dune du Pilat)

Dune du Pilat

La Dune du Pilat, around 1.5 from Bordeaux, is the highest dune of Europe.
If you love the sun, the ocean and fine sand, the Bay of Arcachon is a wonderplace to be.

Formed by a natural cumulation of sand through the wind, “La Dune du Pilat ” attains over a 100 meters high. Its almost 3 km of length make the dune an natural phenomenon to visit and spend the day..

Over a million people come every year to enjoy the salty ocean, the fine sand and resourceful environment.

From the top of the dune you’ll enjoy a beautiful view and artistic sunsets over the ocean and seabank.



With an average of 2200 hours of sun you can expect to enjoy good weather from may till october. You’ll averagely enjoy 10 hours of sun per day, with temperatures varying between 22° and 27° Celsius, roughly between 70° and 80° Fahrenheit.

Best chances are from June to September to escape rains and strong winds.


Dune du pilat is good place to learn paragliding. With its 100 meters height and sandy soil, it provides an excellent and save learning ground.