COURCHEVEL Top Ski Resort France


COURCHEVEL : Top Ski Resort France

COURCHEVEL is a luxurious top ski resort in France, one of the most prestigious world-wide. It is one of 7 ski resorts that together form ‘The 3 Valleys’ Ski Domain (“Les 3 Vallées”). The 3 Valleys is the world’s largest skiable domain.

Courchevel, with a high standard of quality for services and facilities, is a very popular ski-destination for tourists, to enjoy splendid winter holidays. The pleasure of holidays in France gets even stronger for families during the Christmas festivities. Everybody prepares this special family time.

‘The 3 Valleys’, world’s largest Ski Domain

Courchevel is part of the ski domain ‘The 3 Valleys’. Counting 351 ski-tracks, with over 600 km of runs, ‘The 3 Valleys’ is the largest ski domain in the world. It connects 7 ski resorts, among which France’s most luxurious: Courchevel, Méribel, Val Thorens. 1.8 million users have voted Val Thorens to be world’s best ski resort, for 5 years in a row.

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Courchevel : The Villages

Courchevel is the name of the commune which merges five villages into one : Saint-Bon-Tarentaise (1100), Courchevel 1300 ( La Praz), Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650 (Moriond), and finally Courchevel 1850, highest of the five. The altitudes were kept in the names for the sake of competition with Val d’Isere, their greatest competitor.

Like said, Courchevel is a family place. You may enjoy dinner in one of the 130 restaurants, some of which have 1, 2 or even 3 Michelin stars. In case you don’t know, Michelin stars are quality certifications for top restaurants. From 1 star (“very good”) to 3 stars (“exceptional”). The starts get attributed each year. Only 30 restaurants in France, and 129 world-wide have 3 Michelin stars.

Besides restaurants, you’ll find a few dozen luxurious shops & boutiques, and around 20 luxury four & five star-hotels.

Courchevel by night

Upcoming Events in Courchevel

Women Alpine Skiing World Cup : December 21st, 2021
Family Christmas Festivities : December 20th to 25th, 2021
New Year’s Eve Festivities : December 27th to December 31st, 2021
French Ski Touring Championship : January 22th, 2022
Ski Shows by Night : Performed by the French Ski School Instructors, February 8th, 15th, 22th ,2022
International Festival of Pyrotechnic Art : February 10th, 17th, 24th, March 1st,2nd,3rd 2022
Ski & Toiles Film Festival : March 26th, 27th 28th 2022
3 Valleys Enduro : ride over the 3 ski valleys : April 3rd 2022
White Ink Tattoo Show : April 3rd to 5th, 2022
Festival Folie Douce : Music in open air: April 9th and 10th, 2022
Winter Legacy : sever winter sport disciplines : April 9th 2022
Dynastar X3 : winter triathlon, April 17th, 2022
World Championship Alpine Skiing : winter 2023

Attractions in Courchevel

As far as what their is to do in Courchevel apart from skiing, we list the Aquamotion, the heated swimming pool, with an outside part available.

Aquamotion Courchevel

Dune of Pyla


Dune of Pyla


The Dune of Pyla, about 1 hour drive, from Bordeaux, is the highest natural dune of Europe. Formed by a natural cumulation of sand through the wind, the Dune du Pyla attains over a 100 meters high. Its almost 3 km of length make the dune an natural phenomenon to visit and spend the day.

Arkill, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Dune of Pyla

Over a million people come every year enjoy the salty ocean, the fine sand and the resourceful environment.

From the top of the dune you’ll enjoy a beautiful view and sunsets over the ocean and seabank.



If you love the sun, the ocean and fine sand, the Bay of Arcachon is a wonderplace to be.

With an average of 2200 hours of sun you can expect to enjoy good weather from may till october. You’ll averagely enjoy 10 hours of sun per day, with temperatures varying between 22° and 27° Celsius, roughly between 70° and 80° Fahrenheit.

Best chances are from June to September to escape rains and strong winds.


The Dune of Pyla is good place to start learning paragliding. With its 100 meters height and sandy soil, it provides an excellent and save learning ground.


Villa Wenda


Villa Wenda

Sublime villa at Cap d’Antibes with 5 or 6 ensuite bedrooms, an infinity pool, a large garden, several terraces, spectacular view, 50m from the sea

Villa Wenda, French Riviera, Côte d’Azur, Cap d’Antibes






Built in the 1930s, Villa Wenda was completely renovated in 2019. A chic and contemporary style, respectful of the style elements of its origins, in particular in the living room and the dining area. A beautiful frescoed ceiling and a large fireplace of colored marbles. These rooms open onto a large terrace of over 60 m2 facing the sea.



Mougins, gastronomic capital of South France

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Gastronomic Capital

Mougins is known as the gastronomic capital of South France. People come from far to enjoy the culinary skills of star-rated restaurants. You may have a tasty meal within the beautiful settings of ‘Mougins Vieux Village”. On the hill, with view on mountains and sea, art galleries expose their paintings, in medieval streets. It’s a legendary experience!

Festival ‘Les Etoiles de Mougins’

The yearly gastronomical festival draws more than 100 ‘chefs de cuisine’. They come from all around the world to present their culinary arts. Awards are being handed out. The festival draws about 25 000 visitors over a weekend and it is usually held in June. It turns the famous medieval town into a 2000 m² kitchen with over 120 courts.



Town * Going-Out * Culture *



Originally a peasant town, produicing jasmine, Mougins has grown to become a
town of luxury and prestige. Riviera villa paradise, surnamed the Garden City, Mougins has thousands of Neo-provencial styled villas surround the old citadel on the hill, ‘Mougins Le Vieux Village’.
It is aslo known to be Capital of Gastronomy for the south of France. People from far come to have a star rated meal in one of its 40 culinar restaurants and a yearly culinat festival ‘Les Etoiles de Mougins’ draws arround 25 000 people.

Most important close towns are: Map-Mougins

  • Valbonne, 7km, 13k hab, famous touristic town
  • Cannes, 8 km, 75 k hab, port, beaches and festival city,
  • Grasse, 12 km, 50k hab), perfume capital, and tourism
  • Antibes,13 km, 73k hab), port, beaches and tourist facilities
  • Nice, 32km, 400 k hab, port beaches, shopping  and tourism.
  • Monaco, 60 km, 40k hab, port, beaches, shopping  and tourism.

Mougin-OId-Village Going Out in Mougins

‘Mougins Le Vieux-Village ‘ is a nice place to be spending time. Colorful narrow streets, with art galleries and French culinar restaurants. The Vieux village has been drawing painters and sculptors since over half a century to expose and sell their work. Many mark their stay in Mougins by purchasing a tasteful souvenir to hang on the wall, or place in their dining rooms.
A Classical Art Museum, and a Picasso Photo Gallery
to finish up with a fine meal in a quality culinar restaurant.

Tourism in France


Tourism in France

France has been the world’s leading tourist destination for many years. The yearly number of visitors generally grows. The French nation has developed an important economy around tourism, good for 8% of the GDP.

Honoured and ambitious as host, desiring to attain 100 million foreign tourists a year, France is engaged to attract, welcome and occupy its visitors. The attractiveness of the country is found in the great diversity of offer, in domains like culture, national heritage, the art of living, artistic creation and creativeness, and of course the amazing natural environmental variety.

Besides the many places to visit, the country arranges a good number of events: cultural, artistic, gastronomical, sportive and traditional. Mostly all regions and communes are involved in organizing activities for tourists. And creativeness is a French quality. New ideas and initiatives for promotion are constantly launched, by government, businesses and associations, who desire to conserve the French patrimony.

If you are a little curious and open, with some interest in culture, art or history, you could easily spend a lifetime discovering French assets. You wouldn’t ever have the impression to repeat your occupation. Each area has its own flavours, colours, natural spaces, specialities and traditions. Besides Paris, a galaxy of entertainment on its own, the rest of the country has also abundant possibilities for anyone to enjoy holidays.

To give you an idea of what France has to offer


The French coastline has over 5400 km of sand shores,
1300 km of swamps and mudflats and more than 2200 km of rocky coast lines and cliffs.

Stretching from the Belgian to the Italian border, the coast includes the North Sea, the Channel, the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea.

Coast towns, close to 900 in number in Metropolitan France, are well prepared for tourism and usually offer water pleasure facilities, surveyed beaches, terraces, restaurants, and shopping boulevards.


5 Main Mountains Ranges and 2 plateaus cover over 30 % of the country.
You’ll find astonishing countrysides, natural parks, resourcing environments, summer and winter sports facilities, numerous retreat-, health- or spa resorts. Locals live all with their local traditions, their events and regional specialities.


Thousands of small characteristic villages,
often in exceptional, unique settings
are ready to welcome visitors,
Whether be in summer,

or in winter.


France has also 11 National Natural Parks, representing 8% of the country surface;

56 Regional Natural Parks;
representing 16 % of the country surface;

10 Marine Reservoirs;

Thousands of lakes, big and small,
and 500+ large rivers and an innumerable amount of smaller currents.

Besides that in France you’ll also find:

  • 44 sites listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites;
  • 45 000+ registered palaces, castles, domains and chateaux;
  • 43 000+ classified monuments;
  • 100+ government-owned cathedrals and basilicas;
  • 100+ fortresses and fortified cities,
  • 200+ registered gardens, labelled by the ministry of culture as “remarkable garden”;
  • 1200+ museums, labelled by the ministry as “Musée de France”;
  • 3200+ different wines, for 1300+ different wine denominations;
  • 3400+ starred gastronomic restaurants;
  • And this list is not complete….