Affiliate Disclosure

Financial partnership information

As publisher I am not a professional tourist agent. I work together with partner companies. These partners offer the service of villa-renting.

Our cooperation is commission based. If you get to book a holiday with one of my partners, connecting to them through this website, the partner can track to origin of the booking.
In that case, I will be paid a 4 or 5% commission on a completed contract. This commission will be paid only after your return from your stay, and if everything completes without any obstacles.

The price of your booking will by no means be any more expensive. This is guaranteed. Partners simply share 4 or 5% of their sales price with publishers, whenever they bring customers to their site.

The commissions make it possible for me to invest in this website. By booking your holidays through the links on this site, you help me provide a living for my family and children.
I wholeheartedly thank you in advance for your support, if you will be doing so.